Conservation Starters

Voluntary Stewardship

June 22, 2022 Thurston Conservation District Episode 5
Conservation Starters
Voluntary Stewardship
Show Notes

This month, on Conservation Starters, were joined by 5th generation farmer Carissa Miller who is the owner and operator of Withywindle Valley Farm and TCD's Senior Natural Resource Specialist, Marguerite Abplanalp. Together, we discuss the challenges and triumphs that come with being a farmer in Thurston County and learn about the Voluntary Stewardship Program - a program that offers local producers an alternative way to protect and voluntarily enhance environmentally critical areas while maintaining and improving the long-term viability of local agriculture.

Contact Information:
Marguerite Abplanalp,
Carissa Miller,

Withywindle Valley Farm
Thurston Conservation District VSP Sign-up Form
Thurston County VSP

Interested in joining the VSP workgroup? Contact Marguerite Abplanalp, for more information.