Conservation Starters

Shore Friendly for Puget Sound: Part 2

September 06, 2022 Thurston Conservation District Season 1 Episode 7
Conservation Starters
Shore Friendly for Puget Sound: Part 2
Show Notes

This month, on Conservation Starters, were joined by TCD's Conservation Program Manager Karin Strelioff, Engineering Geologist and Hydrogeologist Wendy Gerstel, and ISA Certified Arborist Ray Gleason. This second part episode takes a deep dive into our local shorelines. Wendy, a local geologist teaches us about the glacial formation of our Puget Sound beaches and delves into how water management plays a role in changes along our shorelines. We talk about the importance of vegetation along our shorelines and get some insight from Ray, a local arborist who shares his techniques for sustainably managing vegetation while also protecting property owners' views. Tune in to this episode to learn more!

Karin Strelioff,
Shore Friendly Thurston
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