Conservation Starters

Orca Recovery in the Salish Sea

October 03, 2022 Thurston Conservation District Season 1 Episode 8
Conservation Starters
Orca Recovery in the Salish Sea
Show Notes

 This month on Conservation Starters, we're joined by Washington State Orca Recovery Coordinator, Tara Galuska. During this episode, we learn more about our local Southern Resident orca pods, why they are endangered, and why it's important that we protect them. Tara shares the threats that Southern Resident orcas face and what we can do in our daily lives to make a difference for this vital species! We also talk about our upcoming Orca Recovery Day volunteer event, happening on October 15th at Squaxin Park and how folks all over the west coast can get involved in recovery efforts. Tune in to learn more about Southern Resident Orca Whales and how you can be a part of the solution to protect our pods! 


  • - Orca Recovery Day in Thurston County -
  • - Not located in Thurston County? Learn about Orca Recovery Day events in your neighborhood 
  • Orcasound - Orcasound connects your headphones to live hydrophones (underwater microphones), your ears to an ocean of sound. 
  • Orca Network - a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of the Pacific Northwest whales.

Questions about Orca Recovery Day? Contact Kiana Sinner,